Many operators see lubricants as a simple commodity where they can look to make cost savings. While Elyon Lubricants` solutions cost a little more to buy at the outset, they actually drive down the Total Cost of Ownership by significantly extending drain inter vals and by delivering fuel savings. In fact, our premium diesel engine oil products deliver a 45% extra performance reserve* that fights oil breakdown by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits, and neutralizing harmful acids. This means longer useful oil life, which can lower your operating costs. Whatever kind of heavy duty vehicles you operate, Elyon has the expertise, the products and the services you need to ensure operational efficiency and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

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We know you are in an increasingly competitive climate and keeping your fleet on the road is essential for the success of your business. Our range of engine oils, coolants and gear and transmission fluids are designed to keep lorries, buses, coaches and other heavy goods vehicles on the road whilst ensuring low operating costs for your business. From running a single vehicle to operating an entire fleet of vehicles, Elyon has the commercial vehicle lubrication solution for your business. We have a range of vehicle oils, lubricants, greases and fluids for all commercial industries, whether it’s on highway (e.g. bus, coach or haulage industry) or off highway (e.g. heavy duty equipment). Elyon Lubricants as a company is an impartial supplier of automotive lubricants, offering advice and helping our customers choose the best lubricant for your application. Our wide range of available automotive lubricant products offers solutions for all vehicles and their components, including:

  • • High quality engine oils
  • • Transmission oils & fluids
  • • Brake fluids & greases
  • • High quality lubricants for the full drive train
  • • Axle greases